Information is beautiful: the depletion of our resources visualised

Information is beautiful: the depletion of our resources visualised

This image shows the estimated remaining world supplies of non-renewable resources. I’m not entirely sure about the coal graph (there’s still a shitload of it buried in the earth’s womb), but this is pretty much what we’re facing.

That said, I don’t believe knowledge is the problem. By now pretty much everyone can see we’re on the verge of crashing into a wall, at an ever increasing pace in fact. Rather than exposing our problems however, defining what needs to be done is the challenge at hand.

So far, these crucial solutions are not put on the table of the Rio+20 talks, despite many thought-provoking side-events going on at Rio+20 and Cupula dos Povos.

Kudos to Jelle for sharing this with me


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